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Web based development

Ranging from business analysis, process streamlining and reengineering, specification development, all the way through to product delivery; LegalRM are able to support your business needs with our small yet experienced team of developers.

Over the past 4 years Legal RM has successfully developed and delivered a number of web based applications for leading law firms these include:

  • A Label printing solutions which live within two Top 10 law firms
  • A Report writing application with numerous export capabilities, which is live at a Top 5 law firm
  • A Mobile asset tracking/records system for relocation, audits, boxing, collections and delivery of assets. This is installed in several Top 100 international law firms.

Although our main focus is around records management functions, our team have a deep knowledge of key law firm IT systems, processes and practices ensuring we are uniquely positioned to understand and deliver to your requirements.

Legal RM prides itself on the level of quality testing it carries out prior to the release of its software thus shortening the testing and bug fixing common with most development exercises.