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Data Quality Analysis

Data quality is the life blood of any organisation and professional services firms are no exception.

Whether it’s about being more effective in your marketing, reducing operational costs, providing better services such as litigation support or forensic investigations, more accurate financial reporting, detecting conflicts of interest, Enterprise Screening or quite simply to improve know-how and DM metadata or as an integral part of the success of a software deployment or upgrade.

Whatever your needs, Legal RM are able to assist you in improving your business delivery through our data quality services following a well-structured methodology and industry leading solution capabilities to support our work. Data Quality is proven to save money, and is often the difference between compliance and non-compliance with Conflicts rules or Anti-Money Laundering legislation.

We uniquely use parsing and phrase & pattern profiling technology which allow us to capture the domain knowledge and rules hidden in your data to help re-profile it where necessary – this might include key information in relation to a litigation case hidden in a description field, a known terrorist hidden in one of your client data or core business intelligence in a client narrative field. At the heart of any data quality project is the ability to accurately understand the challenges affecting your business.

To assess your current data with you, Legal RM are delighted to facilitate 90-minute quick stats or an overview workshop. Using a sample of your data. This workshop helps assess potential errors, inconsistencies and inaccuracies in data sets and provides suggestions for ways to fix them to ensure your data is fit for purpose. At the end of the session, you will have a clear understanding of your data along with recommendations on how this may be improved.