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Reporting Suite

The key to any successful records management application is the ability to extract, review and manipulate the key management information held within it.  Unfortunately many records management systems fail to acknowledge this requirement, and provide limited or restricted access to information. 

The Reporting Suite from Legal RM is designed to enhance the use of your Records Management application by leveraging the information within it and provide a flexible platform on which to produce management reports. 

The Reporting Suite boasts a number of reports as standard, as well as being delivered with a further 5 additional reports to suit the individual client requirements. Each report can be viewed in our interactive web based application, which allows the user to dynamically adjust the content of the report through a number of filters, as well as how the information is displayed, with some reports allowing up to 4 levels: Ranging from a full detail report through to high level summery reports. All reports can be exported into Excel, PDF, TIFF, RTF, CSV and Web Archive formats for external manipulation or circulation. 

Legal RM provides a full specification, design and build service as part of the initial implementation for up to 5 reports as part of the license agreement. All reports are provided with a free and unlimited modification service as part of our product support and maintenance.