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Records Lifecycle Suite

The Records Lifecycle Suite is the complete solution for managing retention and destruction workflows in today’s modern, and often complex professional services firm.

Uniquely managing physical AND electronic records in one interface, from declaration of a record through to destruction, via a number of approval, legal hold and override capabilities, the records lifecycle suite provides a granular level of records retention management whilst being seamless in operation.

Integrating with Records Management systems, whether it be IRM, LegalKEY, iCompli, FileTrack,… as well as Electronic Document Management Systems: Worksite, eDocs,… the Records Lifecycle Suite is a deeply integrated, yet an independent compliance platform for any company looking to manage their firm’s records and offers further authenticity through in place declaration. 

The Suite consists of 4 core modules, meaning firms can decide to take a holistic approach to their information governance or look to solve more tactical limitations in their compliance and risk management systems. 

These stages may include a file being locked down as a record, given a classification & retention period, all the way through to being destroyed in line with the firm’s records policy via legal hold and manual override capabilities.


Records Lifecycle Suite 02


Records Lifecycle Suite Integration 


Taking on board any number of core physical AND electronic content sources within an organisation, the integration platform is the foundation of the Lifecycle Suite. Designed to leverage and update content, meeting the firm’s records criteria, the integration platform makes certain that relevant records information is held in the Lifecycle Suite. All sources automatically synchronise with the Lifecycle Suite, ensuring information held within, or pushed from the Lifecycle Suite, is fully up to date.


Records Lifecycle Suite 06


Records Lifecycle Suite Cogs 


At the heart of the Records Lifecycle Suite is a sophisticated records classification engine allowing for the application of the firm’s policy on all content, whether physical or electronic. Designed to work for single office firms or global firms spanning several jurisdictions, the records classification engine can apply an almost limitless combination of rules, whilst ensuring the correct cascading priority is maintained, thus avoiding inconsistencies and illogical application of retention dates. 

Records Lifecycle Suite Magnifier 


The Compliance Management platform allows designated staff members within the records or compliance team to manually override the standard records classification, where required. For example, should a matter become subject to a discovery action or legal hold, an individual record or a number of records can be reassigned a new destruction review date or flagged as having a legal hold.

Records Lifecycle Suite Bin 


The Destruction Workflow is tailored to meet the business process requirements of each firm, allowing for the automated destruction of records, or ensuring a number of review and authorisation stages are adhered to, prior to file destruction.

In situ records destruction via the Lifecycle Suite and integration platform is seamless and automatic, ensuring electronic content becomes inaccessible or destroyed, and physical content reported on for permanent retrieval from your offsite storage vendor’s records center.



Records Lifecycle Suite 10


The Records Lifecycle Suite has existing integrations with iCompli, FileTrack and LegalKEY, however is also available to work with all other leading Records Management and electronic document management systems.