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iCompli Records Management

iCompli Records Management is a ground-breaking fully web based Records Management System which allows firms to manage paper files and physical assets through the use of barcoding and RFID technology. Integrating seamlessly with firm’s primary data sources such as Active Directory or ERP and Document Management systems, iCompli provides an integrated approach to corporate content management.

Focussed on reducing overheads, iCompli Records Management streamlines business efficiency, controls costs and mitigates risks associated with paper assets in today’s modern office.

Integrated with SharePoint or as a standalone web based application, iCompli Records Management is designed to be visible to all staff, boasting on-the-fly management reporting and file information such as their status and location, thus offering a single point of access to all records information.

iCompli Records Management is available as a client installed or cloud hosted application, making this feature rich package a real solution for all firms, ranging from a small, single office, to those with a worldwide network of offices.

Offering full integration with the firm’s Offsite storage facility, iCompli Records is designed to leverage the use of existing barcode and RFID technologies used by your vendors, whilst allowing the firm to retain ownership of their data, measure service level performance and seamlessly integrate with multiple vendors.

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Offsite storage is a growing cost to businesses. The electronic revolution is yet to impact on the amount of paper sent offsite or held in expensive office space. iCompli Records offers controlled record creation, reducing duplication and mistakes. 

Accurate cataloguing and description allows records to be located quickly and efficiently. This allows retrievals to be targeted and specific, reducing the wastage of matter or project level retrievals. Sophisticated retention modelling, in conjunction with the Records Lifecycle Suite, ensures confidence in the retention management process. 

Controlled creation manages the amount of paper associated with each matter or project and directly reduces storage costs, core to the suite of Records Management applications and services from Legal RM.

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iCompli Records maximises process efficiency, bringing time and cost savings to fee earner, business user and support staff. 

It provides full access to business users and secretaries, coupled with multi layered searching capabilities to ensure that records can be found and requested with the minimum of effort. Batch requesting greatly speeds multi-file requests, and direct links to the systems used by your offsite storage facility vendor minimises the intervention required by records staff. Record creation can be distributed or centralised to suit your model, and uniqueness rules take the guesswork out of the process. Automatic label production again minimises the intervention required. 

21st century technology ensures that lost files are kept to a minimum. Barcode and RFID are all available to keep files where they should be. Real time remote updates to the database keep the information current and accurate. Sophisticated mobile records management, through the Mobile Records Center, allows record processing, delivery, collection and audits to be managed remotely, again with real time updates to the database through your wireless or mobile network. 



iCompli Records is entirely web based, making deployment to records teams and business users a trivial exercise. Multi office/country deployments are greatly simplified. Upgrades and changes can be made at a single point, with no desktop impact also allowing the solution to be externally hosted. 

iCompli Records includes both records and business user applications as standard. No licensing issues down the track and no upfront capital expenditure with our SaaS offerings! Intranet, portal, Outlook and client access are all easily achievable. 



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