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Office Moves

An office move is often an excellent opportunity to make positive changes to a firm’s processes such as moving towards a paper light strategy, or keeping track of assets which may be currently invisible (often live files).

One of the biggest challenges when planning an office move is understanding what content or assets you have, and whether or not you're able to take these to the new office.

LegalRM have years of experience in helping firms prepare for an office move – taking them from a standing start, to registering, or shredding, the paper files and assets throughout an entire office or network of offices, prior to an office move... and this within days!!!

Once content is registered on to Legal RM's records management and asset tracking application, assets can be mapped to the new building, sent to offsite storage facilities, or destroyed where appropriate. All records management information is recorded against validated client matter numbers, standardised file types, valid users and departments within seconds, insuring that thousands of files can be registered on to the system within just a few days.

Our industry-leading records management applications, along with our experience in asset tracking means its one less thing that you will need to be worried about.

For further information on how Legal RM can help you prepare for your office move, please get in touch.